Dr Davison T. Gomo DMS, Dip.M, MBA, MSc, MA, LL.M, PhD                                                                                                    

Board Chairman

Dr Gomo has vast experience at corporate level, having been a Human Resources Manager and Regional Marketing Manager for Fidelity Life Assurance in Zimbabwe. He was Director of

Studies and Business Development at Kingsbridge College of Technology and Management, Shoreditch, London, Principal at Cranbrook Business School. He is also Founder Chairman of the Association for the Advancement of Management Education (AAME).  He set up Africa Education Services and was Chief Executive Officer at the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) in Zimbabwe. And is the. Chairman of Zimbabwe Enterprise Development Trust. Dr Gomo is a respected radio and television policy and business Analyst who also delivers public lectures at various universities on Entrepreneurship, State Owned Enterprises Reform and Management and Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe.

Dr Martin Chitsama MBChB                                                                                                                                

Chief Operations Officer

Dr Chitsama is a medical adviser in global landmine clearance. He is a registered Project Management Practitioner whose career in medical support to landmine clearance tasks spanned 18 years (1998-2016) and included medical administration, project management and clinical work in remote site field operations in Africa (Zimbabwe, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Angola) and the Middle East (Iraq). In 2003, he was the Project Manager for the USAID- supported HIV/AIDS Status Awareness among Professionals in Zimbabwe Project.  From mid-2015 to 2016, Martin has published articles in the Journal of Mine Action. At the Trust, Martin is leading the designing and implementation of field activities meant to uplift the livelihoods of landmine impacted communities in Zimbabwe.

Mr Brighton Mugarisanwa BA (International Relations) (Hons) UZ

Director, Policy  

Mr Brighton Mugarisanwa is a retired career diplomatic with vast experience in the diplomatic service, international affairs and the Zimbabwe Foreign Service. He worked in the Service for almost 3 decades during which he served in various capacities including designing curricula for training Zimbabwe’s Foreign Service officers in various disciplines. In September, 2001, he also co-chaired the Third Meeting of States Parties to the Ottawa Convention (Mine Ban Treaty) which was held in Managua, Nicaragua. Brighton was Zimbabwe’s Chief Negotiator during the crafting of the WHO sponsored Framework on Tobacco Control held in Geneva, Switzerland from 2000 to 2003. He served as Counselor at the Embassy of Zimbabwe in Iran. At Head Office, he served as Desk Officer for ASIAN countries and also worked as the Desk Officer for the United States, Canada and Latin America.  He was part of the group that negotiated an equitable representation of developing countries in the higher echelons of the WHO Secretariat. Brighton is the Trust’s Policy Development and Implementation Executive.

Mr Simon Chinganga BSc (Business Leadership) UZ                                                                      

Director, Public Relations & Resources

Mr Chinganga graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with the Business Leadership, Data Communications and Networking qualifications. He is a CISCO certified Network Associate. He is the National Vice President of the Youth Empowerment Action, a Board member at Focus Security Services and at Imonfash Global Holdings.

Simon brings an ingenious personality touch to the Zimbabwe Landmines HIV/AIDS &

Empowerment Trust initiative and the organization is set to grow through his resourceful networking capabilities.